Personal Records Retention

Never Discard!

  • Income Tax Returns
  • Tax Payment Checks
  • Investment Trade Confirmations
  • Important Correspondence
  • Legal Records
  • Retirement and Pension Records

Keep Ten Years

  • Supporting Documents for Tax Returns
  • Accident Reports and Claims
  • Medical Bills (If Tax RElated)
  • Property Records/Improvement Receipts (If Tax Related)
  • Sales REceipts (If Tax Related)
  • Utility Records (If Tax Related)
  • Other Bills (If Tax Related)

Keep Three Years

  • Credit Card Statements
  • Medical Bills (In Case of Insurance Disputes)
  • Utility Records (For Internal Use)
  • Expired Insurance Policies

Special Circumstances

  • Car Records (Keep Until The Car Is Sold)
  • Credit Card Receipts (Keep Until Verified On Your Statement)
  • Insurance Policies (keep For The Life Of The Policy)
  • Mortgages/Deeds/Leases (Keep Six Years Beyond The Agreement)
  • Pay Stubs (Keep Until Reconciled With Your W-2)
  • Property Records/Improvements Receipts (Keep Until Property Is Sold)
  • Sales Receipts (Keep For Life Of The Warranty)
  • Stock and Bond Records (Keep For Six Years Beyond Selling)
  • Warranties and Instructions (Keep For The Life Of The Product)